*Is the moral of nihilist trolls the sign of our decline? *How the distribution model of the information ecosystem redraw the map of our civilization by changing our trending values and dividing us into new tribes.

The contest we’re seeing inside the pandemic information warfare is a unique opportunity. Many believe it is a collision between the old and the new world. Many believe it might be a generational conflict. The movie Don’t look up tries to show that it is our own cultural and cognitive…

Actually I kinda love that association ( not that I as a writer could compare to amazing Linda Hamilton)… Writing about algorithms and propaganda is that of Sarah Connor stuff. We might be fucked soon.

When I wrote my first book (the first one was in the Czech language) on…

Power, propaganda and treason

„Don’t give in to fatigue. Fatigue is for weaklings.“ His father’s wise words kept sticking throughout his life. He walked across the room in the now silent house, the only sounds the squeak of the parquet floors and his own wheezy breath. Recently he seemed to…

America conquered by a country of drunken gangsters? That would be nonsense, wouldn’t it?


by Alex Alvarova

Translated from the Czech by Marc Di Duca

„No, my friend. This would never have happened in my day. We knew these guys.“

Kirk stared at the old…

FEEDING THE DEMONS, a novel by Alex Alvarova

Translated from the Czech by Marc Di Duca

This book is a lie.

Dedicated to all those who have helped me spread untruths in world of a million cloned truths.

To Kathleen Bailey whose fight against Russia’s ‘active measures’ deserve respect and…


a novel by Alex Alvarova

Translated from the Czech by Marc Di Duca

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Los Angeles, 2016

Three people were sitting around at the Dexter offices, watching the same video over and over again. Will Sax had e-mailed them it. …

Memetic matrix is the ocean we live in

How the information warfare destroys our freedom and democracy

Alex Alvarova

Not so long ago, the US analyst Jeff Giesea demanded that the NATO should better prepare for a new, disruptive type of information space battle: memetic warfare. Sadly his wish remained a lonely cry into the darkness. It was…

Alex Alvarova

Author, podcaster, propaganda expert. Vancouver B.C. Looking for an agent for her new thriller.

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