Memetic matrix is the ocean we live in

How the information warfare destroys our freedom and democracy

Alex Alvarova

Not so long ago, the US analyst Jeff Giesea demanded that the NATO should better prepare for a new, disruptive type of information space battle: memetic warfare. Sadly his wish remained a lonely cry into the darkness. It was 2015. Memetics was at that time used by the Islamic State in his invasion of the digital space.

It took less than five years, and the world was in its most serious information crisis since the invention of the printing press. Digital swarms of manipulated information have an incredible effect…

Conquerors of America

A novel by Alex Alvarova

Translated from Czech by Marc Di Duca

Berg sighed inside. He knew the supreme leader was after more money but had no idea how much. This looked like something big. Berg’s foundation headhunted tech talent at universities in the USA and even gave out prizes for their work. These award-winning students, normally inexperienced graduates, were touched by the attention they received.

Also, when receiving their prizes at awards ceremonies, they would often meet alluring females of Slav origin. …

Chapter nine

A novel by Alex Alvarova (Translation Marc di Duca)

London, Christmas 2011

A short walk from Trafalgar Square, on the fourth floor of a well-known London bank, Scott was sitting bored, waiting for a decision. He was ensconced in a leather club chair and was flicking through some glossy magazines about finance targeted firmly at those in finance. Nobody ever really read them, he thought to himself, but the bosses like to see themselves in full colour. My god, what a load of shit.

The meeting room door was concealed behind a heavy curtain backed in muffling velvet…

Chapter Ten

London, 2012

A youngster with closely cropped hair and a pierced nose strolled through Canary Wharf. He’d just paid off a taxi and was looking for the apartment he’d booked using some super new app. It was the latest thing that summer, and so far only a handful of tech-minded geeks in the States and the UK had tried it out. Timothy Anderson was one of them. But he wasn’t just a tech fan. He was one of those who thought new tech up.

He had recently turned nineteen but his reputation as a data analyst and new…

a novel by Alex Alvarova (excerpt)

Chapter Seventeen

Miami, Florida, 2014

Renata Gallagher was in cheerful mood. For the last year she had been bubbling with energy like a puppy running after a ball.

„Friends,“ she said, rather ceremoniously. „As Mr Kemp’s legal team have informed us that foreign entities are not permitted to take part in election campaigning in the USA, we have had to create a new home-based organization. So join me today in launching our new subsidiary — Challenger Analytics. Also, let me introduce the new vice-chair of the board, Scott Brennan!“

Despite his substantial paunch, Scott…

“In order to mitigate the gap between offence and defence, you have to have an attacker's mind.” Nadav Zafrir

Every major crisis entails the need for calibrated communication with restrained and verified outcomes. The pandemic even more so. In military terminology, the so-called strategic communication, and its implementation and rehearsal take years for one average state. Countries not affected by the populists' information warfare, still functioning normally have all managed to implement it — fully or partially. The others pay a high price.

This is a blogpost about a country, which has the highest infection rate in the world at…

The archetypal narrative of the noble thief might be a cover-up for the first successful test of astroturfing on financial markets

No worries, I’m not going to teach you what are “shorts” and where does the word “clearing” come from. I really don’t care about stock gambling.

I’m a propaganda specialist and my job is to see patterns in communication disruptions.

Lately today I was making a podcast named The Canaries On The Net together with my colleague Josef Holy, who is an expert on social media algorithms and digital evangelist. We both noticed at the same time, that there…

What the cultural chaos-patterns tell us about the far-right terror

“The passion for destruction is also a creative power.” Mikhail Bakunin, Russian anarchist

In the information noise created through aggressive building of social media algorithms, we can see the uncanny cognitive chaos, swallowing people like The Infinity War of Thanos. Our civilization was built on the cornerstone of truth, verification, evidence and superiority of science. Is there any hope to turn the chaos into consensus again or have we crossed the Rubicon and gone to war?

No worries, I’m not going to explain the toxic business model of social media…

How the algorithm boosted our destructive potential

When historian Robert Proctor from Stanford University pulled a dusty study of the tobacco industry’s first Public Relations campaign out of the archive, he had no idea that what he was holding was actually a bomb tutorial.

In short, the tobacco industry faced the possibility of total bankruptcy in 1953. Scientific work proved beyond a reasonable doubt that smoking causes lung cancer. In a last desperate attempt, the representatives of the industry hired a young unorthodox “Public Relations” guy named John Hill. Hill delivered a plan that consisted of creating so many versions…

Alex Alvarova

He’d be gone after a few months, our European grandmothers said when there was no denying the mounting Hitler madness sweeping Europe. It was too late, the time to do something was about five years before that. Even after that, people consoled themselves that it wasn’t really a war, just a bit of political haggling, Hitler would soon tire for sure, he ain’t that bad . . . thousands of excuses to ease our failure, our ignorance and our fear of confronting the aggressor in time.
A familiar story? Sure. …

Alex Alvarova

Author, columnist, political marketing expert. Vancouver B.C.

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