Memetic matrix is the ocean we live in

By signaling the replacing meme, the troop triggers the collective behavior of territorial defense and aggression. It contains a strong “nudge” for action, and within the framework of the “higher morality” in territorial defense it contains the imaginary absolution to the use of violence. It is remarkable how this Neolithic feature began to wear a Christian robe, now blinking seductively at the American evangelicals .

It is this disappearing “simple education”, capable of comparing past apocalypses with the present, that is why we have not noticed the sneaky danger of creeping digital fascism before. We’re drowning in memetic attacks by professional marketers who didn’t say no to the devil. They have complex digital analytical tools that tell them who we are and what we’re afraid of. It’s us who leave data behind on the network and we are perfectly fine with to reveal every single secret of ours. From this data, a strategy is created, the aim of which is the method of all dictators: Scare and save!

Author, podcaster, propaganda expert. Vancouver B.C. Looking for an agent for her new thriller.