Seven greatest myths around the Canadian Convoy

Alex Alvarova
5 min readFeb 14, 2022


written in Vancouver, February 14, 2022

People around the world want to know what is happening in Canada. The entire situation is hidden by smoke and mirrors and might confuse our perception. This text is about to make clear the mainline of this event. We can currently see seven main misconceptions around the so called convoy.

1. It’s a trucker’s convoy.

Most of the people who live in Coutts (AB), Ottawa and Ambassador Bridge in Ontario will tell you it’s mostly angry folks in their family cars. There is no majority of trucks in one convoy. It´s a perception bias. It was CALLED truckers convoy by the organizers at the beginning. The expression was immediately adopted by the social media discourse and penetrated to the official media. Some hashtags and memetics around supported the imprint to our brains. A journalist who is reporting on this now, seeks a photo of real truck, so as not to create cognitive dissonance, because it is CALLED truckers convoy. Truckers organizations, the owners of transport businesses and most of the Canadian truckers themselves (who are 90 percent vaccinated btw.) are not in. Some of them express their disgust about this on social media.

2. It´s about vaccines

No, it’s NOT. It’s just about little bit of everything. As with every angry populist mob, this one is not different. With one exception. In the past, those mobs were incited by newspapers and posters. Nowadays, you have microtargeting and psychological profiling by BigData. That’s why you can read so many different banners on the photos. In the January 6 event there were also many motivations at play. One of the strongest motivations appeared to be the so-called replacement meme: “X are not gonna replace us” (put any social group in the equation.)

There were financial troubles, social insecurity, grievance, white supremacy and replacement memes, alternative medical treatments friends, yoga moms, people with mental health issues or just those who had enough of the pandemic stress and need to ventilate. A successful social media information operation altogether.

3. It’s a spontaneous movement.

Oh no. There is foreign money behind. Ask any trucker or business owner how long he or she can willfully prevent his trucks from turning around and getting business done. The answer is Not for a single day. Each day when the truck stands stuck represents a huge loss. Therefore each owner is trying to keep those machines in motion 24/7. The industry is very competitive, no losses are tolerated. So who the heck is covering the losses of trucks standing for seven, ten or even fourteen days? The answer could be found in some accounts from US, SOME OF THEM sent 10 million dollars in one week through funding platforms. Protest funds of such an extent were never seen in Canada before. The GiveSendGo, the Christian crowdfunding site that helped raise $8.7 million for the anti-vax “freedom convoy” in Canada, was hacked on Sunday night. Canadians are responsible for roughly half the money raised online for the trucker convoy, leaked data shows.

4. It was unexpected

No-oh. Otherwise, the Conservative Party of Canada wouldn’t react by immediately beheading their leader and creating a state of preparedness in case of Trudeau´s resignation. They knew what’s coming and wanted to be prepared if the Governor General picks the second party leader to create a new government. The conservatives did this at the very beginning of the event when no one really knew what to think.

5. The truckers have a strategy

The participants have probably no idea where this goes. Also, truckers are probably not the greatest strategists in the world, otherwise, they would be sitting in some mercenaries companies behind the computer. To invent the idea of the supply chain blockade of Canada in all important transport hubs needs a little bit more strategic planning and knowledge. It resembles very much the year 1975 when Pinochet started his coup in Chile to get rid of president Allende. At that time, all began with truckers blocking the supply of goods.

No one inside the radicalization channels (which feed the people all the toxic narratives about our rotten elites) told the truckers what their role in that game should be. Obviously.

6. It’s a peaceful protest, people even have kids there

Honking for sixteen and more hours right in the quarters of Ottawa, where mostly the lower middle class have their places (maybe to get them angry too?) is not exactly the cup of tea everyone likes. Also, threatening the Canadians to cut off their grocery supplies with huge applause from Texas and the Russian fifth column in the US is not exactly what peaceful protesters do. And the kids in strollers? And crying kids with their school backpacks? And the human chain which the adults created of their kids across the bridge in Ontario to prevent police to get there? Bite me.

The January 6 organizers presented themselves in media as a peaceful protest. Turns out, it was a loud attention grabbing violent “maskirovka” for a paramilitary coup.

7. It´s about ordinary people

No. It’s about politics and the propaganda game. Exactly as in the case of successful Source Hacking of the Republican party, the most radical voices among the Conservative Party got their momentum and seem to push towards a radical populist movement inside the party.

In America, the oil billionaires and Russian proxies Koch brothers and Mercers family with their radicalization wonder tool Cambridge Analytica (Flynn, Bannon) were behind all this. The angry Woodstock, as Canadian journalist and author Mark Bourrie put it, started in Ottawa and Alberta. This leads us to the speculation, that it might not be as virgin as it looks like. This truckers convoy idea was here first in 2019-2020, as you can see from this Canadian Convoy Rally Song by Jolie Blue. Listen to the lyrics. At the time, it was all about gas, oil and carbon tax, as the song reveals. From Alberta to Ontario. How significant. In the video, the kids are tearing down a person masked as Justin Trudeau.

That might be the very core of it. The Big Oil is running out of time. Not only in Canada. In Russia, too.

Since you are here, I’d love to recommend you read my book on the bannonist propaganda : Feeding The Demons / The Conquerors of America.

January 6 insurrection did not happen over night. It was a result of 26 years of planned and executed military and criminal subversion.
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